Writing 101: Unlocking the Mind – Sometimes it’s dark.


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It may have been a mistake to sign up for this, but oh well, too late for regrets. So much going on this week especially, but hopefully it will slow down to a reasonable pace.

But my writing habit has… nearly vanished over the spring and summer. And I don’t want to go into NaNoWriMo cold turkey, and hopefully I’ll get at least a few back-up posts out of this.

The assignment for day one of Writing 101 was to free-write for 20 minutes, and the optional part was to post it on your blog.

When I finished, I really didn’t want to post it. But the things going through my head right now are affecting the way I react to people, and affecting what I can accomplish, so maybe you guys (my regular readers) need to know.

If the assignment had been for 40 minutes… this probably could have gotten scary. Read with a shaker of salt, please. A single grain won’t be enough.

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