It’s Raining Cats & Dogs!


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So it should be obvious that in this household, we have cats.

And chickens. But the chickens don’t have much to do with this blog post.

Here – have some gratuitous cat pictures!

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But I said raining cats and dogs, didn’t I?

Yup, that’s right.

As of Sunday evening, we are now the proud owners of a puppy!

It’s a (re)learning curve. I haven’t had a dog since high school, and hubby hasn’t had a dog in much longer.

So, meet… puppy. (We’re still deciding on a name.)

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Puppy has been a few years in the works. I’ve wanted a dog for a while, and it took Brandon a while to warm up to the idea, but after this incident:

And the serial rapist that was targeting women around town last month…

And we’ve been seriously considering a dog since we got the chickens, because sometimes it’d be nice to have something more than just us guarding them.

So a friend announced on Facebook the other day that she had 7-week-old ‘Texas heelers’ up for grabs! A Texas heeler is 1/2 Australian Shepherd, 1/2 Australian Cattle Dog (also known as red or blue heelers, depending on their coloring).

It came together really fast, but the timing was nearly perfect!

So. Names!

He came with the name Bear, which isn’t a bad name, but I’ve never liked calling an animal by animal names… but I could over it, lol.

So, names?


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