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If you read my last post, you probably figured out that I was feeling more than a bit overwhelmed.

Before I get to the meat of this post: Good news IS on the horizon! One thing has been confirmed, another is still pending, and I should have some announcements soon. I’m just sure when soon. Soon.

In the week since my last post, I’ve stepped back and done a lot of thinking, and made some decisions.

Essentially, I am cutting out all social media except Twitter and Facebook for ‘platform building’. I will make the effort to check Twitter once a day, and I’m making changes in how I use Facebook and Twitter.

I was very tempted to just quit Twitter, but it’s sometimes simpler to connect with publishers, editors, and agents (as well as potential readers/friends) there than it is on Facebook. Also, I’d have to decide to completely skip out on any Twitter pitch events in the future if I deleted that account.

I did get a bit aggressive with weeding out some of who I was following on Twitter. Because part of my frustration was the amount of links that were in my feed there, and I just… no. Anyone I clicked on who hadn’t posted anything BUT a link for 2-3 days was taken off. That’s just not interaction. It’s advertising. Which is okay, but not when the purpose of a site is social media.

I have deleted my Google+ account. I ahem hadn’t posted anything BUT links to my blog posts on it for well over a year. I was barely participating in any communities I was in, and… yeah. It was time to axe that one.

I still exist on Pinterest and Goodreads, but those are more for my own enjoyment than anything else. And honestly, Goodreads is just a virtual bookshelf for me. I can’t even remember the last time I posted a status. And I rarely post reviews. Because I forget to. :D

When it comes to Facebook…

I’ve loved having a fan page exclusively for my writing. But the problem is that Facebook changed how they display pages to those who have liked them.

I used to get so much interaction on my Facebook page. Each post I made would get 50-100 views (which was at least 50% of those who had liked my page), and 5-10 comments on everything.

Now? I’m lucky if I get 30 views on a post there, and I can’t tell you the last time someone commented on a post I made on my Facebook page.

I’ve stalled on the ‘likes’, too. The last new like I had was in April, with the A-Z Challenge, and I don’t think anyone who ‘liked’ my page from that has even interacted there, so I’m still suspecting that no one there is seeing my posts. Not that I’ve made very many of them.

And then comes the fact that probably 2/3 of the people who like my fan page are, well, actual friends on my Facebook account. So if I post the same content twice (IE: like sharing a new blog post) I feel like I’m spamming.

All of that to say:

I’m unpublishing my Facebook fan page. I probably won’t do it until this weekend, because I want to give people plenty of time to go friend my actual Facebook account before I disappear into the void for some of you.

If you don’t want to friend me (for whatever reason, I think I’m awesome at least some of the time), I have enabled ‘following’ on my Facebook account, so you can get everything that I post publicly. Like blog posts, and random snippets, etc. And writing things.

And where is my account, you ask?

You can find it here: Rebekah Loper on Facebook. The badge in the sidebar has been updated as well.

But basically, I’m making an effort to be more involved, but with fewer things. Hopefully it works out well!

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